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Friday 11:00 - 03:00


The restaurant “Mortens Kro” welcomes you to a cosmopolitan and modern experience environment which will sharpen all your senses. A champagne bar, a fireplaces, prize-winning Scandinavian furniture design, Italian lighting design and a much-praised architectonic layout mark the beginning of a very special experience. This year, the restaurant celebrates its 17th jubilee.

“Mortens Kro” is one of Aalborg’s most reputable gastronomic establishments. During the 10 years of its existence, “Mortens Kro” has regularly been reviewed by a number of Danish and foreign newspapers and magazines, and today the restaurant is considered one of the finest gastronomic establishment in Denmark. In 1996, owner and restaurant chef Morten Nielsen won the title Chef of the Year, and he is also known from his miscellaneous TV appearances as well as from his role of host of various TV programmes, such as “Røg i Køkkenet” (“Smoke in the Kitchen”) which was aired on Danish television channel DR. The international atmosphere of “Mortens Kro” is confirmed by the many languages spoken in the restaurant, which enable guests to be served in several languages (English, German and French). The restaurant’s luxurious interior has clearly been inspired by some of Europe’s most modern restaurants, and the furniture is designed by Swedish interior designer and scenographer Gunilla Allard. 

Though it is now celebrating its 17 th jubilee, “Mortens Kro” is a modern restaurant. We place great emphasis on high quality in all aspects of your visit. We employ only professional staff or chef and waiter apprentices. We use only fresh products of a very high quality, and mainly Danish products, relying on a daily supply of raw products. The restaurant has an open kitchen, allowing guests the opportunity to watch the chef and other staff work. Likewise, we are committed to a high moral standard on hygiene and self-inspections. 

The name however is is a little strange but it come from my childhood where is was playing a game in my parents house where i made a restaurant called Mortens Inn and naibourgs -friends and family was invited to come eat for a reasonable price- i cooked and i was 7-8 old ( nearly 40 years ago)  the menu first time Mortens Inn was open - Schrimp cocktail- roosted pork chop with rice, curry and fried banana - caramel pudding with fruit- we have refined ever since and are still doing it every day with a smile on our face 

Have fun, and see you again!

Morten Nielsen.